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Reasons Why I’m Not Afraid To Admit I Love Coldplay

Reasons Why I’m Not Afraid To Admit I Love Coldplay

7 Reasons Why I'm Not Afraid To Admit I Love Coldplay

I know you’re thinking two words: Gwyneth Paltrow. Sure, maybe her wacky ways casted a slight shadow over the brilliance of Christ Martin & Co but that’s all in the past.

Yes, they may have released questionable collaborative songs over the course of the last 4 years – no, we’re not talking about that Rihanna song, that was decent – but their first two albums are legendary. Yes, in recent times they’ve become more pop rock than rock. All in all, deadly tunes remain deadly tunes. If you’re anything like me you can’t wait to see them in Croke Park this Saturday.

Here are 7 reasons I’m not afraid to admit I love Coldplay:

‘The Scientist’

No Coldplay set would be complete without ‘The Scientist’. The song is from their second album A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002).

‘Cause Chris Martin did this

During a Sydney gig in 2009, Christ Martin was halfway through ‘Fix You’ when he decided to jump off the stage and runs into the crowd. What a man. Watch how the crowd react.

They’ve headlined Glastonbury 4 times

Coldplay has appeared 4 times at Glastonbury – twice on the Pyramid stage – since 1999. Although haters might find this a bad thing, especially if you hate Coldplay and have only gone to Glastonbury those 4 years.

Their colourful sets

The colours at a Coldplay gig are enough to blow your mind. If it’s not their incredible lighting showing off every colour under the rainbow it’s the giant coloured balls, powdered paint or spiral set pieces. Their performance of ‘Waterfall’ during their Paris 2012 show is just one of many colourful examples:

They actually want you to pick the songs for their world tour

Coldplay obviously love their fans. If you’re going to any of their shows this summer you can request a stripped back version of a song you love from the band. Go to the bands’ website here and follow the instructions. You’ll have to upload a video onto Instagram telling Coldplay why you’d love to hear that song.

The ‘Strawberry Swing’ video

Watch it and understand the brilliance of Coldplay at work.

They literally have a song for every emotion

You can cry listening to ‘Yellow’, feel euphoric with ‘Waterfalls’ or feel empowered with ‘Viva La Vida’.

If you don’t like them now you never will. In the words of The Corrs: “What can I do to make you happy?”.

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